VE7RNH Controller Issues

Following the installation of the new lead-carbon batteries on the RNH repeater, by Phil VE7BPH and Peter VE7RZZ on September 30th, the controller began beaconing a ‘Battery Alert’ alarm whenever it transmitted. It wasn’t possible to access the repeater and turn off the alarms using DTMF tones despite attempts by Phil VE7BPH and Robin VE7HMN. It appeared that it would be necessary to reload the repeater’s programming code, so a site visit was arranged for Friday, October 6th.

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SARC at the Loppet


After three years of cancelled Reino Keski-Salmi Loppets, due to COVID-19, SARC was back on the mountain assisting the loppet organizers with communications on the course this year.  Nearly 400 people participated in 39th Annual event, ranging in age from 2 to 85.  Ski conditions were not the greatest due to plus two degree temperatures but for those monitoring the check points the warmer temperatures meant fingers and noses weren’t being frozen.  The biggest problem was staying dry.   Once again our crew provided needed assistance when there were some problems with the course radios and Mike provided radio communications for a medical issue at his check point.

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