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Trying out 450THz


A Red Class 3a 5mW laser was pulse width modulated at 18kHz and aimed from a 3″ PVC pipe cello taped to a camera mount.

The retroreflectors on nearby stop signs were used as aiming indicators!
The stop signs would reflect a significant amount of light back.
At angles of >14%, The amount of light visible to an observer was negligible.

The first test took place from a second story window to a stop sign about 40 meters away using some music as an audio source.
Aiming at the sign by hand was very finicky, care was taken to avoid the drivers below! We found the use of a camera mount significantly helped aiming. It was received at the same location with the reflection from the stop sign.
As seen from 40 meters.
Aiming at a stop sign 140 meters away we could receive it by having one person at the stop sign placing the receiver in the red dot and aiming it towards the TX laser.

Returning back to base we found with very careful bracing of the RX against the window frame we could listen to the reflected signal from the stop sign 140 meters away.

We then transmitted 205 meters to another stop sign. We could not hear any reflected signal possibly due to the rise in the noise floor from the YLs or due to the reduced light reflected because of the smaller size of the target.

Over 200 Meters away
There was visible distortion of the light like gently rolling waves on the stop sign. The ghostbusters theme song came booming out of the headphones while listening at the sign.

After thoughts:

The beam will get much larger over distance. This may be a good thing to avoid modulation by atmospheric turbulence and could be advantage at longer distances by using a larger receive aperture(Perhaps the turbulence would be averaged out?). A biconvex lens was used on receiver and the phototransistor was mounted off center resulting in loss. I suspect that the coma of the lens caused the RX too be too weak 200meters reflected.

Future goals

  • Completing a second TX/RX pair to achieve full duplex.
  • TX/RX > 1km
  • Better enclosure and Optics

Andrew Wood and Patrick Boschalk


Trailer Report – April 2015


This is being sent to those who may be interested in
the preparation being made to have the trailer taken out to the Sicamous
Safety Fair in the Askew’s lot on Saturday, May 30th.

On Tuesday, April 28th, Simon, David and Ron by prior arrangement spent about
three hours doing the following:

-Dealt with wasps resident in the trailer bumper and to a lesser extent inside the trailer.
-Cleaned the battery terminals and put the batteries on charge with ac line current.
-Disconnected the batteries before leaving
-Tidied the inside of the trailer somewhat.
-Started the Honda 2k generator and ran it for about 15 minutes.
-Simon took the SARC club banner on its frame home for cleaning
-David hitched up and moved the trailer forward about 6 feet out of its winter ruts.
-Raised the tower to its vertical position to see how it worked but did not raise the sections
-Removed the one steel mast which would no longer fit completely within the tube on top of the trailer
-Stored the steel mast alongside Peter’s old flatbed trailer in the yard
-Removed the rotor and rotor cable from the top of the tower but replaced the 1-1/2 inch pipe so that the tower could be
secured by rope for transit.

We hope to do some washing of the trailer particularly on the front window panel covers a day or two before May 30.
We also hope to make arrangements to take the trailer to Sicamous on Friday, May 29, for overnight storage perhaps
at the Fire Hall.
My apologies, David and Simon, if I have missed any tasks.
A good start to prepare for use of the trailer for Safety Fair, Field Day, etc.

73– Ron



Wanted: Radio Repair Tech

AEJ shop

Radio Repair Tech

Most people like to help out, but no one wants to give too much of their time away for free. On the flip side no one wants to pay the highest rates for parts and service in a field of expertise that they don’t understand or can’t do themselves.

I understand this scenario in the field of computers and networking, that’s my background, I like to help when possible, I prefer to be paid a little, and my fear is that too much of my time will be used up by others if I always give it away for free. That said, I want to help, I don’t like to see people ripped off, or pay too much for a simple solution.

You’ve heard the saying “Good, Fast or Cheap – Pick Two!” Well I personally prefer Good & Cheap (ha ha), I have enough radio gear now that ‘Fast’ is rarely a motivation, so nothing should be a rush, if it takes you weeks, I’ll probably have no problem with that.

So with that said, I’m looking for someone with an electronics / radio repair background who is willing to share some of their time and knowledge, wants to be compensated a fair wage for their work, and best of all shares a love of radio.

Up till now my experiences in used radio gear purchases has been a 50/50 success, half the time I luck out and it works, the other half it doesn’t work, and I don’t even know where to start to get it fixed it. I’ve had some help and advice as well (which I appreciated greatly), but people leave busy lives and I don’t want to impose on anyone too much.

If you live in the North Okanagan, have some spare time and lots of repair experience, I would really like to open a diagloue with you.

Contact me please – Aaren (VA7AEJ)

Lumby BC




1) 40′ Antenna Tower – 4 10′ sections tube Triangle $375.oo

2) Realistic PRO-2006 Scanner 400 channel (hyperscan) comes with omni-directional Antenna & GRE super-amp 3001 ( all for $385.oo)

3) Realistic PRO-2020 Scanner (20 ch) $25.oo  SOLD

4) Electronic Keyer Paddle MFJ-422B $80.oo OBO SOLD

5) ICOM IC-H16 (Handheld) offers  SOLD

6) Realistic PRO-33 (20 ch) scanner (Handheld) offers  SOLD

7) Realistic PRO-30 (16 ch) scanner (Handheld) offers  SOLD

8) Power Converter AC to DC $20.oo  SOLD

9) Comm Series 10, ICT…AC to DC $30.oo  SOLD

10) Assortment of connectors, approx 20, various, 6 in their pkgs.  SOLD

Comes in plastic tray organizer…$40.oo OBO  C SOLD

11) Books , magazines, antennas and cables.  SOLD

I’m moving, make me a decent offer, help me out guys !

Dawne VE7DWN Phone- 250-375-0057 (Westwold)

or email :

Service Monitor at Meeting

The program at the Regular Monthly Meeting on February 12, 2015 in the Piccadilly Mall Board Room offered club members an interesting opportunity to test their rigs and their antennas for SWR, Actual Power output at different power settings and on different frequencies and bands, Sensitivity and so forth.

Equipment tested was provided by VE7RAW, the club’s  APRS and Portable Emergency Kit, and from the following individuals: VE7BPH, VE7SHG, VE7IU, VE7RLE, VE7LOG, VE7OHR, VE7ETE, and VA7HDY, although not all of these members were present.

We put the club’s service monitor, watt-meters and various MFJ antenna analyzers to to good use.

The club was also pleased to meet its newest member, Darrell Bellerive VE7IU, who has recently moved to Chase and will also join the Kamloops Amateur Radio Club.

We were pleased to have a technical program tonight, and hope to have others, in the months following our Annual General Meeting on March 12, 2015 in this location and at               the usual meeting time.                           IMG_0810 IMG_0745 IMG_0747 IMG_0749 IMG_0753 IMG_0761 IMG_0764  IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0782  IMG_0790 IMG_0792  IMG_0796 IMG_0799 IMG_0806 IMG_0808

FOR SALE: Closing Down Station

FOR SALE: Closing Down Station.

Tower:  70-foot tower, originally manufactured commercially in Vernon. Hinged base.                    Includes: 5-element HF beam Wilson System I. ;  4-element 2-metre beam ;                    Rotor CDE or CDR.                                                                                                            Must be dismantled by the buyer.    $350.

Mobile:  Icom 228 H complete with mounting bracket. $125.

Mobile:  ITC Multi 2000. FM CW SSB 12 volt and 110 volt. 10 w. $100.

Power Supply: Pyramid Phase III Regulated 35 amp. With  Current meter and Voltage                            meter. $150.

Signal Enhancer: MFJ signal enhancer II.  Dual tunable SSB / CW filter. $30

Lo-Pass Filter:  Bencher YA-1 RF filter up to 1.5 kW. New $79. Offers?

Phone:  Hans VE7BOD   250-835-8324