Temporary RNH Repeater in Place

Patrick, VE7FAT has assembled and programmed some surplus Vella Radio equipment as a temporary replacement of the VE7RNH repeater and installed it at the Granite Peak site on Wednesday, July 16th.  It has a bit of a de-sensing problem due to operating without a duplexer (it has a separate receiving antenna from the RNH collinear that is being used as the transmitting antenna).

Give it a try on the usual frequencies.

Thank you for your hard work, Patrick!

Kault Hill Repeater VE7RSA Re-installed

The Salmon Arm Seniors Amateur Radio Club chat repeater VE7RSA on a frequency of 147.020 + 600 has been re-installed after its visit to Vella Radio where it was determined to have power-supply issues, feeding 22 volts in to the radio.

The solution was to circumvent expensive power-supply repair time in favour of substituting a surplus power supply which Vella provided to the club at no cost.

The downside, if any, is that the “new ” power supply, capable of 100-watts output was too large to fit into the Motorola repeater case, so it had to be housed separately.

Hans VE7BOD, Chris VA7CAC, Simon VE7SHG, and Ron VE7RLE, who together comprise the bulk of the Seniors ARC membership, took the repeater up the hill on July 14. However, all was not well with the re-install when the repeater did not respond to its new power input.

A phone call to Vella Radio brought out Patrick VE7FAT who used his amateur- radio volunteer time in place of a company service call to put things right.

Our success with the repeater was topped off by a visit to the ice-cream bar of the Tappen Coop whose generous and tasty Nestle cones are sought after far and wide.

Please program 147.020 +600 into your radios for solid local chat communications in and around Salmon Arm from the 25-watt transmitter on Kault Hill just west of the Salmon Arm city limits.
All photographs were generously provided by Simon using his Canon DSRL on this his first visit to the VE7RSA site.

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As of today, July 11th, the VE7RNH repeater has been out-of-service for about a week, likely due to damage suffered from a thunder-and-lightning storm in the vicinity of Fly Hills.

An assessment of damage and consequent repairs may take some time.

In the interim, we may look at alternatives, so that the combined net of the Shuswap Amateur Radio Club and the Salmon Arm Seniors ARC may continue to be offered each Sunday evening.

Alternatives may include 146.520 Simplex or perhaps the Queest Repeater at 145.470- which continues to operate satisfactorily as a stand-alone repeater. No one solution will reach all stations. I will send out an e-mail on Sunday, July 13 to let you know where to listen at 2000 hrs.


I have been the main Net Control Operator for some years now. Tim VA7GE has generously taken over sometimes for a number of months in succession, totalling perhaps a year. Robin VE7HMN has filled in as well on occasion, as have others.

I no longer wish to be the main Net Control Operator, so effectively in August and September when I will travelling, I will no longer operate the net. Tim has agreed to take the net for several weeks, but he can not commit to a longer period of time.

We are looking for other volunteers to come forward. I have a one-page printed sheet which I can e-mail to those interested. You can use it as a guide or modify it to make it more interesting. Both Tim and I will help you if you have questions.

So, as of the first Sunday in August, August 3rd, there will be a new voice behind the mic on a frequency that we hope can reach all of those who normally check in.

73— Ron VE7RLE



Field Day 2014

SARC - Ron and Mike checking connections on the 40 metre antenna Simon - SARC Field Day setup at Haney Park Tom getting radios setup for Field Day01-IMG_477003-IMG_477205-IMG_477406-IMG_477507-IMG_477610-IMG_4784 - Copy12-IMG_4791Field Day 2014 was a relaxed affair, once again being held in Haney Heritage Park on the grassy slopes near the renovated Queest Mountain Forestry Lookout set up as a tourist attraction in the park.

There were a couple of changes this year.

One of these was the contribution of Bill Anderson VE7KDK who having seen us struggling with the old slingshot-and-fishing line assembly to get dipole antenna support lines over the treetops, took pity on us and with a single shot from his compressed air cannon soared the line over the tree just where it needed to be.

Another change was when Tom VE7AMM also took pity on us, replacing our cumbersome 20 metre beam with his personal 20 metre vertical whip which he swears works better than the 20m sloper which we later set up.

As usual we operated Field Day with the 2A Report, that is, an amateur radio club operating two transmitters simultaneously.

And, for the first time in recent memory, the emergency trailer was tidied up well enough by David, Simon, and Ron to allow operators into the radio area without first tripping over exhaust pipes, mufflers, folding chairs, lamp standards and other assorted paraphernalia.

As to HF radios, the Yaesu 920, donated some years ago to the club in the estate of Harry Stainsby VE7HES, was used in the trailer, and the club Yaesu 990 because of its bulky size in a wooden case fabricated by Doug VE7DNG [SK} was set up in the roomier confines of the tent.

No one in the club missed setting up the old forestry tent which took 5 or 6 people an hour or longer on a good day–if we got it “right side out” the first time. The Deluxe Wall tent gave us good service in its second Field Day exposure.

The total complement of helpers, operators, and visitors included Tom VE7AMM, Daryl VA7DBC, Bill VE7KDK, Jenny VE7KIY, Robin VE7HMN, Mary VA7MCH, Phil VA7PB, Mike VA7MK, Hans VE7OHR, Ron VE7RLE, Jason VA7UT, Wayne VA7VT, Celia VE7NIA, David VA7HDY, Simon VE7SHG, and VE7RZZ who brought the trailer over on Friday before heading South to a family gathering.

Cleanup on Sunday went quickly —without the extra time needed to disassemble a 10-15-20 Yagi–  and the gang just after 1200 noon all repaired to the upper Tim Horton’s for the usual “debriefing” over a cold one.

Many thanks again to all who were able to participate in Field Day 2014.IMG_0017 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0016

VE7TIS Noel McClelland — Silent Key

VE7TIS — his call sign says it all: T. I. S. : This is Santa.

With his long white hair and flowing beard, Noel bore a remarkable likeness to Santa throughout the year. It is difficult to imagine anyone looking more the part.

Noel retired to Salmon Arm in 2000 from Noel’s Printing at the coast, and with the help of his sons established himself and wife Lila in a spacious and lovely home on the upper bench in Gleneden.

Noel was known far and wide as a Santa in various cities and countries including Japan.  In Salmon Arm he worked tirelessly on a Christmas display at his Gleneden residence, delighting youngsters and their parents over the years, and raising in the process thousands of dollars for local charities.

With amateur radio, Noel was heavily involved in 80 metres as a fixture on several nets and had operated at one point as an official relay station with the BC Public Service Net.

Locally, he had paid membership in to the Salmon Arm Seniors Amateur Radio Club for several years, and much enjoyed visiting the Shuswap Mini Hamfest at Tappen.

He had on occasion with Lila attended our annual Christmas Dinner at the Home Restaurant.

Noel’s other hobbies included fishing, hunting, boating and camping.

Noel carried on with the activities he loved until he could no longer share in them fully due to his declining health.

He died peacefully at home on May 22, 2014.

This gregarious and always cheerful figure will be missed by all who had ever met him.