New SARC Executive Members as of AGM 13 March 2014

The Shuswap Amateur Radio Club is Pleased to Announce the Slate of Officers Elected at the 2014 Annual General Meeting:


President :                            Phil Baker VA7PB

Past President:                    Robin Hickman VE7HMN

Vice President:                     Eddie Turner VE7ETE

Recording Secretary:            Tom Wrinch VE7AMM

Treasurer:                             Simon Gray VE7SHG


Terry Greenhough              VA7TSG

David Hadley                      VA7HDY

Mike Kennedy                     VA7MK

Terry Kushniruk                  VE7KSH

Winston Lee-Hai                 VE7WLH

Richard Reeves                  VE6DSF

Peter Rizzi                          VE7RZZ

Jack Valgardson                 VE7KIO

The club would like to thank all those who have let their names stand for office in 2014, to welcome the several first-time executive members, and to express its appreciation to the continuing members for their past contributions in directing the affairs of the club.




Founding SARC Club Member Tosh Miyagawa VE7DLA — Silent Key

IUQ-DLA-EmergH-001Tosh became a Silent Key on Tuesday, March 12, 2014 peacefully in the home of daughter Eileen and son-in-law Ken Kajiwara. He had recently taken a fall at the Edith Cavell Independent Living facility after which his regular weekend visits with the family became full time.

Tosh came to Salmon Arm from Milk River AB some time before the Eden Fire of 1973. In 1975 he often talked with Ken Hoshowski on simplex as Ken travelled from Kamloops to his work in Salmon Arm. These two felt the need of a repeater which soon followed after the 1977 formation of SARC in which they were both the prime movers. The foundation meeting was held in Ken’s  house who had by this time moved to Salmon Arm.

Although he rarely held office, Tosh was a tireless worker. In addition to co-founding the club, he was instrumental in promoting a long string of successful Shuswap Mini-Hamfests, the entertainment highlight of which was the Tahitian dancing performed by his award-winning grand-daughters in  2001.

Tosh was a noted CW operator and CW instructor as well as a Certified Examiner for many years with the club along with examiners Hans Berls and Ernie Neustaeter

Somewhat after his 90th birthday, Tosh’s family moved him from Armstrong to Vancouver where he could get more care. He was 96 when he died.

Always quiet but determined, Tosh with his winning smile had friends far and wide in the Shuswap, among them special friends Ted and Mary McTaggart at Haney Heritage Park who were also from Milk River.

Another valued friend, Bill Anderson VE7KDK helped Tosh for many years with this daily HF contacts to an older daughter in Toronto and drove Tosh from Amstrong to events in Salmon Arm when he was no longer able to drive safely.

Tosh will always be fondly remembered by those who knew him in the Shuswap.

Receiving you 599, Tosh.

Community Radio: CKVS : “Voice of the Shuswap”

IMG_0405On February 13, 2014, after the regular SARC monthly business meeting in the Downtown Activity Centre in Salmon Arm, more than a dozen radio amateurs moved upstairs to the Office and Studio of CKVS in Room 30 on the third floor.

Jeannette Clement, CKVS office coordinator and music librarian, treated her guests to a tour of CKVS, Salmon Arm’s only Community Radio Station.

It began broadcasting on December 10, 2012 from its 15-watt 93.7 FM transmitter on Tappen Mountain, about 10 kilometres from the DAC.

The radio station is strictly a volunteer operation run by a Registered Non-Profit society. All working volunteers must pay the annual society membership of $25 for adults, $20 for youth and $15 for those over 65. There are also membership rates for societies and corporations.

The station is funded by these membership dues, donations, and sponsorships by a number of individuals and corporations, including Mascon, SASCU, CSRD, City of Salmon Arm, Askew’s, De Milles, Java Jive, Lakeside Insurance, City Furniture, Apple Auto Glass, and City Furniture among others.

More details are available on the society’s web site at including how to receive programming on internet audio stream.

Programming is a diverse mixture of talk shows and local and world music shows in English and other languages.

For those interested, CKVS offers an introductory course in community radio in a time frame of several afternoons plus a full day on Saturday.

The Shuswap Amateur Radio Club found this insight into Community Radio very interesting and saw many parallels between it and amateur radio in terms of propagation. .IMG_0369IMG_0375IMG_0387IMG_0397IMG_0400IMG_0374

IMG_0390 IMG_0404

Copper Island Report and Photos

2013 Activation of Copper Island, B. C. — VE7RC

On September 21 and 22, 2013 from 1700Z to 1700Z, the Shuswap
Amateur Radio Club activated Copper Island, the only island on Shuswap Lake, a key recreational water body in our province covering 120 square miles with a maximum depth of 530 feet.

As Copper Island is located in Shuswap Lake Provincial Park, special permission was sought and granted from BC Parks as detailed in Letter of Permission #026-2013.

Essentially, all radio operations were made from two stations located on a rented pontoon boat, wheras our dipole antennas for 20, 40, and 80 metres were located on the rocky shores of the island itself.

In addition, an 8×10 foot deluxe wall tent was erected on a temporary wooden foundation to serve primarily as a refreshment area and equipment shelter.

Our site of operations on the southeast corner of the island was selected on September 8th and the formal island set-up began on Friday, September 20th.

Contacts totalled 102 as follows: 80m – 8; 40m – 78; and 20 m – 16.

Countries worked in addition to Canada and the U.S. were Slovenia, Mexico, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Operators making at least one contact included VE7HMN, VE7RLE, VE7RZZ, VE7OHR, VE7BPH, VE7LOG, VA7HDY, VE7SHG, and
Dallas Rooy, young grandson of VE7OHR.

No less worthy was the help of VA7DTX, VA7TSG, VE7ODR, and VA7DBC with set-up, antenna work, and assistance with the boats.

The weather cooperated for the most part with mixed sun and cloud, but
strong winds and five-foot swells breaking onto the beach overnight on Saturday required extensive bailing of a 19-foot pleasure craft over several hours.

Everyone who participated in this our first-time-ever activation is keen to look nearby for prospective islands to activate in coming years.

Submitted by Ron VE7RLE










Copper Island DX Setup-010




Copper Island Operating Site Selected

IMG_0037 IMG_0019 IMG_0081 IMG_0041 IMG_0011 IMG_0033 IMG_0005 IMG_0048 IMG_2308 HMN7634 HMN7626

(Click on the photos for an enlarged view)  On Sunday, September 8th, the island was scouted for an operating location which was both easily accessible and well situated for the best operating potential.

Because Copper Island is part of Shuswap Lake Provincial Park, there are severe restrictions upon our presence. We can set up antennas on the island, but we will have to operate from a Pontoon Boat set up alongside the shore.

Our final selection along the extremely rocky shoreline was a tiny cove on the southeast “corner” of the island, about 100 metres east of a navigation marker in that region.

Also shown in a photo is Dave VA7HDY determining the coordinates of the  location which are as follows: 50d 54.7 min. N and 119d 23.9 min. W. The elevation of lake level on September 8th was 361 metres.

Peter VE7RZZ with club president Robin VE7HMN in yellow, is shown at the helm of his river boat which we used on our scouting trip. The boat was put in the water at the Blind Bay boat ramp. After our initial set up, this boat and other pleasure craft will ferry operators and equipment back and forth from the nearby Shuswap Marina during our 24 hours of operation.

The event will use the call sign VE7RC.

The photograph showing the wake behind the boat gives a full view of Copper Island in the background upon our return journey to the Blind Bay boat ramp.


Copper Island DXpedition — Weekend of September 21-22, 2013

Excitement builds as we move towards September and what will be a first for amateur radio in the Shuswap in terms a very, very Special Event— a DXpedition on Copper Island.

Following is the information submitted to the ARRL’s publication QST and the Radio Amateurs of Canada’s magazine The Canadian Amateur [September-October edition] as well as being posted on the RAC Online Event Database.

The event has been spearheaded by club President Robin Hickman VE7HMN who came up with the idea and who did all the groundwork in terms of securing permission to operate on the island, frequencies and other particulars:

Copper Island CISA Activation. Shuswap Amateur Radio Club

Event Start Date: 2013 September 21.  1700Z

Event End Date 2013 September 22.   1700Z.

Closest Town: Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

Talk-in frequency: in Salmon Arm 146.760-600 or Adams 147.140 + 600

Contact Frequencies: 14.210, 14.110, 7.210, 3.810.

QSL Ron Essex c/o Shuswap Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 2613, Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E4R5

Grid Square DO00HV

Copper Island Activation Station Call Sign will be VE7RC

This is the first activation of the only island in Shuswap Lake, British Columbia.

Shuswap Lake covers an area of 120 square miles and has a maximum depth of 530 feet.

This activation will qualify for the Canadian Islands Awards Program (CISA).

Email info:

Web page:

Entered by: Ron Essex VE7RLE / VE7RC Club Secretary

Further planning will take place at the Executive meeting on 5 September and at the Regular Club Meeting on 12 September at 1900 hours in the Piccadilly Mall Board Room.

Amateurs throughout the Columbia-Shuswap and the Okanagan are invited to help operate two stations during this 24-hour period.

Further details will be posted to this blog as they are confirmed.



Field Day–Youth Element

A highlight of Field Day 2013 was the Youth Element.

For perhaps the first time, we were able to claim bonus points for operators under the age of 18 who made at least one contact.

Shown here are Hans VE7OHR with grandson Dallas Rooy aged 9 and Bill VE7KDK with grandson Mason Anderson aged 11 who were both solid performers on 20 metres, selecting the station, determining whether we had made a previous contact, and then calling out to establish contact and then give our report 2A Bravo Charlie.

We hope that these young operators can encourage others to catch the feeling of success which comes from making long-distance contacts on the air.