1) 40′ Antenna Tower – 4 10′ sections tube Triangle $375.oo

2) Realistic PRO-2006 Scanner 400 channel (hyperscan) comes with omni-directional Antenna & GRE super-amp 3001 ( all for $385.oo)

3) Realistic PRO-2020 Scanner (20 ch) $25.oo  SOLD

4) Electronic Keyer Paddle MFJ-422B $80.oo OBO SOLD

5) ICOM IC-H16 (Handheld) offers  SOLD

6) Realistic PRO-33 (20 ch) scanner (Handheld) offers  SOLD

7) Realistic PRO-30 (16 ch) scanner (Handheld) offers  SOLD

8) Power Converter AC to DC $20.oo  SOLD

9) Comm Series 10, ICT…AC to DC $30.oo  SOLD

10) Assortment of connectors, approx 20, various, 6 in their pkgs.  SOLD

Comes in plastic tray organizer…$40.oo OBO  C SOLD

11) Books , magazines, antennas and cables.  SOLD

I’m moving, make me a decent offer, help me out guys !

Dawne VE7DWN Phone- 250-375-0057 (Westwold)

or email :

Service Monitor at Meeting

The program at the Regular Monthly Meeting on February 12, 2015 in the Piccadilly Mall Board Room offered club members an interesting opportunity to test their rigs and their antennas for SWR, Actual Power output at different power settings and on different frequencies and bands, Sensitivity and so forth.

Equipment tested was provided by VE7RAW, the club’s  APRS and Portable Emergency Kit, and from the following individuals: VE7BPH, VE7SHG, VE7IU, VE7RLE, VE7LOG, VE7OHR, VE7ETE, and VA7HDY, although not all of these members were present.

We put the club’s service monitor, watt-meters and various MFJ antenna analyzers to to good use.

The club was also pleased to meet its newest member, Darrell Bellerive VE7IU, who has recently moved to Chase and will also join the Kamloops Amateur Radio Club.

We were pleased to have a technical program tonight, and hope to have others, in the months following our Annual General Meeting on March 12, 2015 in this location and at               the usual meeting time.                           IMG_0810 IMG_0745 IMG_0747 IMG_0749 IMG_0753 IMG_0761 IMG_0764  IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0782  IMG_0790 IMG_0792  IMG_0796 IMG_0799 IMG_0806 IMG_0808

FOR SALE: Closing Down Station

FOR SALE: Closing Down Station.

Tower:  70-foot tower, originally manufactured commercially in Vernon. Hinged base.                    Includes: 5-element HF beam Wilson System I. ;  4-element 2-metre beam ;                    Rotor CDE or CDR.                                                                                                            Must be dismantled by the buyer.    $350.

Mobile:  Icom 228 H complete with mounting bracket. $125.

Mobile:  ITC Multi 2000. FM CW SSB 12 volt and 110 volt. 10 w. $100.

Power Supply: Pyramid Phase III Regulated 35 amp. With  Current meter and Voltage                            meter. $150.

Signal Enhancer: MFJ signal enhancer II.  Dual tunable SSB / CW filter. $30

Lo-Pass Filter:  Bencher YA-1 RF filter up to 1.5 kW. New $79. Offers?

Phone:  Hans VE7BOD   250-835-8324

The Journey of Toshihiko Miyagawa…[written by JoAnn]

The following is a detailed Remembrance of Tosh sent over the holidays to Bill VE7KDK and Jenny VE7KIY with best wishes to them and to all club members from Ken and Eileen Kajiwara with appreciation for us “being so respectful and friendly to both him and my mom.”

Tosh was the son of Hikojiro and Ryu [Ohashi] Miyagawa, born May 28th, 1917 at Mount Mary Ann near Mission, B.C. His mother Ryu died during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1920. Hikojiro took Tosh back to Japan later that year and married Hisae Yamamoto and brought the family back to Mission, B.C. where he owned property. From this latter marriage, Tosh gained sisters Hideko [Yosh Nishi]. Akiko [Aki] [Harry Tanaka], Sonoko [Soni[ [Tom Takasaki], Jiro, Miye [May] [Shig Ono]. Osamu [Sam], Satoru [Bob] [Carol, Etheline] and Noriko [Shirley] [Tom Higa].

Tosh had an ordinary childhood living in Mission, going to the English and Japanese language schools, helping a friend deliver newspapers, sliding down Kudo Hill in the winter, doing chores like filling the bathhouse tub with water and gathering raspberry canes under the tub and lighting it daily, playing soccer, judo and fishing. To help out the family, he worked in the family fields and also at local hop farms.

After finishing Grade 8, a friend, Tash Moriyama, encouraged him to work for Peter Bain at Mike Johnson’s sawmill at Steelhead. He moved up from “whistle punk”, stacking lumber, felling trees to become a high climber and high rigger. By 1934 he was working for Kahei Kamimura. Tosh said the only injury suffered during those years were a few cracked ribs from walking on logs. Yosh Nishi worked for Kamimura as a faller.

As a young man, he had a group of friends centering around Frank [Mas] Hattori who had a vehicle. They would drive to Vancouver, down to White Rock to dig clams and to Harrison Hot Springs, swim and play baseball.

On December 4, 1941, Rev. Yutetsu Kawamura officiated at the marriage of Tosh to Harumi [Joyce] Kudo. Prior to that Tosh had bought and been given land upon which to build a home. They only lived there until the following March when they were evacuated to Alberta. From this union Tosh and Joyce had two daughters, JoAnn and Arlene.

As a result of the move to Alberta, Tosh worked in the sugar beets at Diamond City, helped with seeding at Byron Tanner’s farm in Wrentham and then worked as a farm hand and cowboy [riding, branding] at George Wesley’s farm and ranch. His sister Hideko cooked at the Wesley ranch in Granum.

Byron Tanner was able to get Tosh a job with Martin Madge in Milk River in February 1945 where he worked in the garage and on the Madge farms. He got to fly with Paul Madge fixing machinery on various farms and did the spraying of 2-4D as Paul had the rights for selling the weedkiller.

In 1957 he joined Lyle Walker in renting land to farm which he did until 1969 when his wife Joyce died. He sold his farm equipment and started to work for Daryll Smith at Frank Smith’s electrical store.  He also worked as an electrician for Mike Angyal.

During this time he played baseball, fished, curled, became a scoutmaster and an amateur radio operator under the call sign VE6VE.

On November 7, 1970 Tosh married Lillian Watte which gave him two new daughters, Eileen and Vivian. They lived in a trailer in Milk River which they then took to Salmon Arm. B.C. where they proceeded to build a house on Gleneden Road. Tosh found work as an electrician wiring houses for builders like Gordon Bettles, Hugh Metcalfe and Ian McDermott. Eventually he retired and Lillian and Tosh moved to a condo in Enderby. Lillian died December 2, 2003.

Lillian and Tosh were active in RV’ing with Good Sam and their own club, and with the mini-hamfests as Tosh kept up his amateur radio status as VE7DLA. They fished annually at Heriot Bay, made their own wine, entertained friends and family.

In 2008, at the age of 90, he was moved to Vancouver to be closer to family. He resided in a senior home where he had the near daily morning visits from Arlene and had wonderful home-cooked meals and home care at Eileen and Ken’s residence.

In early February, Tosh moved in with Eileen and Ken. On March 11. 2014, Tosh passed away peacefully at home with Eileen, Ken and Kiki at his bedside.

Tosh was a quiet, generous and gentle soul who lived a long and fulfilling life. He will be dearly missed.Tosh-BLOG001


Since long before I became a ham in 1993, members of the Shuswap Amateur Radio Club have provided Emergency Communications for this major Salmon Arm cross-country skiing event in the Larch Hills.

As a fledgling skier in the loppet, I can distinctly remember being cheered on by Al VE7CAL stationed at what is now my favorite spot [Radio 3] at the bottom of Baby Moon Walk, about half-way through the 17 km. race loop.  Al, a teaching colleague, first interested me in the hobby and later became a valued mentor.

This year on January 17, 2015, Net Control from the chalet was provided by David VA7HDY and Richard VE6NT. Others manning the four radio checkpoints included Rob VA7AYL Radio 1, Terry VA7TSG and Celia VE7NIA at Radio 2, the very busy South Hub where some skiers pass as many as four times, Ron VE7RLE at Radio 3, and Patrick VE7FAT at Radio 4.

For those who have never skied the loppet or assisted with its communications, the photos provide a look at the hustle-and-bustle of waxing pre-race, our transport to the checkpoints in a skidoo trailer, usually sitting backwards to avoid the stinging pellets from the sled tracks, a look at the South Hub checkpoint staffed by Rotary and ski club course volunteers.

The final shots were taken upstairs in the chalet where radio net control share space with the computer folks who provide a constant flow of data to downtown Salmon Arm where lists of finishers are compiled, awards made and so forth.

David and Richard had already finished and packed up by the time I got down from the hill and were not photographed this year.

There were no significant mishaps or medical emergencies this year [Celia doubling as a communicator-First Responder provides oxygen and a defibrillator.] Other Salmon Arm Nordic Club ski officials — course sweepers, skidoo operators, other First Aid, etc.– use portable radios rented from Vella Radio. One of these Vella-provided radios is also monitored by our SARC net control

.IMG_0157 - Copy IMG_0158 - Copy  IMG_0160 - Copy IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0163  IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0173 IMG_0174  IMG_0176


Silent Key: Adrien Bouvier VA7ANB

Adrien Joseph Bouvier of Okanagan Falls passed away on Friday, January 9, 2015 after a lengthy courageous battle against cancer at the age of 83.

Adrien was born on a farm near Mayronne, Saskatchewan on March 1, 1931 to parents Pierre and Adrienne [nee Facette] Bouvier. He left home at 15 and worked various jobs in farming and the oil fields and eventually in construction which led him to owning and operating his own businesses for the duration of his working years.

Upon his retirement, he travelled extensively where he was able to enjoy his fifth wheel. Adrien was a generous and good-hearted man who always had a story or a joke to share.

He thoroughly enjoyed talking on ham radio, working with wood, building, and carving sculptures. Over the years he was a member of the North Okanagan Ham Radio Club. He sponsored fighters in a boxing club, and was a member of a boating club and the Knights of Columbus.

He was predeceased by his parents Joseph and Adrienne; brothers Raymond, Germain, Arthur Joseph, and a still-born brother; sisters Helen, Marie, Lillian and Marguerite; son Norman Bouvier; wife Mary; and grand-daughter Tricia Paproski.

Adrien leaves to mourn his passing, and cherished fond memories by his loving family including daughters Claudette [Frank], Charmaine [Ken], Paulette [Tim], Jacqueline [George], and Monique [Brian]; sister Cecile; brothers Armand, Pierre, Marcel, George,  Roland, Andre and Colin; thirteen grandchildren; five great grandchildren; as well as many extended family and all his friends who were to consider themselves honourary pallbearers.

A memorial mass was celebrated by Fr. Neil Lustado at 1300 hrs. Thursday, January 15th at Christ the King Catholic Church followed by a reception in the church.

Urn interment followed at the Okanagan Falls Cemetery.

Donations are gratefully accepted for Moog & Friends Hospice House, 1701 Government Street, Penticton, BC V2A 8J7.

Arrangements were entrusted to Nunes-Pottinger Funeral Services & Crematorium, Oliver and Osoyoos.

Adrien’s association with the Shuswap Amateur Radio Club included Associate Membership granted in the club in 83-84 in recognition of his donation to the club of a 5 Kw Kohler mobile gasoline generator which the club returned to him in 1997 when a more compact generator was purchased.

Adrien was well-known in Salmon Arm where he lived for a number of years while his athletic daughters went through our local school system.

Adrien was a larger-than-life character who will never be forgotten by anyone who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

The bulk of this Silent Key entry was copied verbatim from the obituary supplied by the funeral home.

VE7RNH Repeater on the Move

On January 11, 2015, the components of the VE7RNH repeater after having been checked and tested by Robin VE7HMN at his Mount Ida QTH, were transported to a new location where they will stay until Granite Peak in the Fly Hills becomes weather-accessible in the spring and summer for relocation to the repeater shack at 5500 feet.

Today’s new location was in an outbuilding at the QTH of Phil VE7BPH on London Lane in the Notch Hill area.

The repeater was installed and checked again.  The club’s new replacement UHF antenna was fastened to the corner of the building, and the the VHF antenna, a restored 210 C4 from the early days on Fly Hills, was secured to a nearby fence post with good-old binder twine.

The repeater suffered little interference from power lines or other sources in the nearby area, and the linking to the satellite repeaters on Adams VA7AHR 147.140+ and Queest VE7QMR 145.470- was determined to be successful.

The main linkage to Greenstone Mountain’s VE7RKA 146.960- ,however, was not successful. It was thought that the UHF connection from the Kamloops end was perhaps not operational and this question is being pursued.

Thanks to today’s helpers: Robin VE7HMN, Phil VE7BPH, David VA7HDY and Ron VE7RLE and special thanks to Robin and Phil for all of their behind-the-scenes work with progamming and logistics to make the repeater operational in this secondary temporary location prior to the summer.                        IMG_0661 - Copy IMG_0666 - Copy IMG_0669 - Copy IMG_0670 - Copy IMG_0673 - Copy IMG_0675 - Copy IMG_0677 IMG_0679 IMG_0683 IMG_0685 IMG_0692 IMG_0693 IMG_0695 IMG_0701 IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0710 IMG_0712 IMG_0716 IMG_0720 IMG_0722 IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0731 IMG_0732